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The Monarch Butterfly is one that is unique from other butterflies. Not only does the Monarch go through a metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to butterfly, but it is also the only butterfly to make a two-way migration journey, sometimes traveling as far as 3000 miles!

Monarch Counseling Group was formed based on this very premise. There are many life stages that we experience. The team at Monarch Counseling Group believes that by bringing together experts in the field of mental health, we can be best equipped to walk with you on your journey.  Monarch Counseling Group is also inclusive, if you feel like you fit here, then we want to work with you!

This practice has been hidden deep in my heart since I began practicing in 2003. My first clinical job included working in a domestic violence shelter providing crisis intervention, stabilization and mental health treatment for the residents. One day I was outside looking at a few caterpillar babies and I noticed how small and fragile they appeared. Over time I was able to watch them grow up into full adult caterpillars and then eventually go through their metamorphosis into Monarch butterflies.

The symbolism of resilience and perseverance of one’s journey through mental health were not lost on me. Just as a Monarch butterfly goes through a life changing journey, people also go through a special metamorphosis, through the different ages and stages of their lives.  Our team at Monarch Counseling Group want to walk with you on this healing journey.

Monarch butterfly on flowers

Our team of specialists are here, and ready to walk with you on your journey.

Working together, we can process the past, identify the strength to face the present and then learn and use tools to move into the future.

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Corrie M. Avila, LCSW

Group Practice Owner

Corrie M. Avila, LCSW
Corrie Avila, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida and Virginia

Corrie is both the owner of Monarch Counseling Group as well as a practicing clinician, specializing in maternal mental health and trauma.  Corrie and the team at Monarch Counseling Group are both committed to putting together experts in the field to work with you.  When Corrie is not working with clients, she enjoy a warm cup of espresso, an afternoon with her pup and a good puzzle.