Counseling for Fertility and Birthing Experiences

Fertility, pregnancy, and birthing experiences affect many women. For those dealing with infertility, there is often a feeling of loss to mourn, while those who are pregnant or who have given birth may find themselves feeling depressed or anxious despite the fact that everyone is telling them they should be happy and excited.

If you are experiencing any of these events and feel like no one fully understands what you’re dealing with, we’re here for you. The team at Monarch Counseling Group has helped many women who have gone through these exact experiences.

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Handling Infertility​

If you are dealing with fertility difficulties, especially if you have learned that you are infertile or will have an extremely hard time conceiving, you are experiencing a loss. However, the grief you feel is going to be different than what you might experience with the death of a loved one. Your grief is for the potential children you could have conceived. It’s for the loss of a future. That doesn’t make it any less valid or any less important. Because it’s a different type of grief than you have experienced, though, processing it can be more difficult. We can help you work through this grief so you can move forward.

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Many people will tell you that being pregnant is one of the best times in your life. You’ll hear people say that you’re glowing or that you’ve never looked so happy. But what if you’re not feeling that? Not all moms-to-be do. Your body is going through major changes, and you may not always feel like you think you should. We understand that, and we won’t judge you. It’s okay to be unhappy while you’re pregnant. It’s okay to have mixed feelings about being a parent. We will listen and help you work through these thoughts and emotions, regardless of what stage of pregnancy you’re in.

Birthing Experiences and Post-Partum

Giving birth is not always sparkles and rainbows. Like pregnancy, society often tells women that it’s a miracle and an amazing experience, but that’s not true for everyone. Postpartum depression/anxiety or conflicting emotions about being a parent are also very real and valid. Having a new baby is challenging, and you shouldn’t be expected to be overjoyed all the time.

If you believe you’re dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety or have emotions that you simply cannot process on your own, we’re here for you. It’s never too early or too late to begin your mental health journey, either. Whether your baby is a few weeks, a few months, or ever a few years old, you can still have these emotions. Processing them is important, especially if you believe they are affecting the relationship and attachment with your child.

If you’re dealing with Infertility/miscarriage, Infant loss, Birth Experiences and Symptoms arising in the Pregnancy or Postpartum Period, we can help.

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