Counseling When You’ve Lost Yourself

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Many people go through a point in their lives where they feel lost. This is often more than simply not knowing what direction their career is going in or where they want to end up in life. Sometimes, you may feel like you are no longer sure of your identity as an individual.

You may find yourself being defined by others—you’re a wife, an employee, a friend, a mother, a daughter—but you are more than one single label. It can be very easy to discover that one of these labels has become your entire identity, losing track of who you are within.

Finding Yourself Again

Why is it important to find yourself? If you let yourself be defined by labels, you’re going to lose a sense of who you are. You may find yourself no longer engaging in activities that bring you joy because they don’t fit. Your decisions may always be based on what the results mean for others, not for yourself.

While a degree of this is to be expected since your decisions do affect others, it’s also vital that you make some decisions based on what they mean to you. These feelings can find their way into your relationships, your work, and every other part of your life, slowly changing how you see and feel about those areas and people.

How We Can Help

The team here at Monarch Counseling Group can help you redefine yourself and chart a new course forward. We will start by learning about who you were, who you are, and who you hope to be. This starts the beautiful journey of merging all of you, past, present and future, together.

Once we have uncovered some of the touchstones that make up your full identity, we will help you determine how you can bring those landmarks back into your life.

We will work with you to set goals that will help you define yourself once again. Over time, you’ll discover that you’ve found motivation again, and that your goals stretch beyond simply reintegrating hobbies and other activities into your life. Many of our clients have found that they grow in both their personal and professional lives once they’ve found their way back to their own, independent identity.

Are you ready to begin this journey?

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