Wings of Strength

Monarch Butterfly

From her first breath, the odds are against her

All types of predators are looking to destroy her
In order to stay alive, she must move, Move to breath, Move to live
She eats, She grows, She survives

She finds a safe place to hide

Not to hide out of fear, but to prepare for her transformation

She chooses a calculated spot

She must have some intrinsic knowledge deep within

She attaches herself to a silk button and then,

Lets go

Her whole life has been in preparation for this one moment

A true Metamorphosis

Deep inside she knows she is something beautiful

She sheds her skin for the final time
What appears to an outsider as death, is just the beginning of her rebirth

If you watch very closely, you will see small tiny movements

She is still alive, she is still fighting

As the chrysalis transforms from a jeweled green exterior
to a thin clear shell

It is almost time
She breaks free and hangs from the empty shell of whom she once was

Just a shell of her past, not a dictator of her future
She begins to stretch her soft wrinkled wings

She starts to pump them, stretch them…

Until they are transformed into symbols of strength

And when the time is right,
she takes flight

She is free